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21st century online teaching

Access eager students from around the world and inspire them to learn Maths, English, Science, French, Coding and much, much more! It is a simple process once you have started with us. Choose your subjects, select the students you accept and be the boss of your business.

Whether you are just entering the world of tutoring, or have been tutoring for a while, we will help bring enthusiastic students to you.

"I have been so impressed with quality of the online space, Jarvis. The CleverClogs team are clearly passionate about creating a quality tutoring platform. I'm looking forward to progressing with CleverClogs"

Niru S, Tutor

How to become a tutor

  • Register on our website and fill out our application form

  • If you are successful, we will be in touch to organise an interview

  • Get to know CleverClogs better during your interview and tell us more about yourself!

  • If successful, we’ll be thrilled to welcome you into the CleverClogs family and you can start tutoring!

Once you
become a tutor

Our 6-step process to help you get started with CleverClogs!

  • Make sure your free profile is up to date.

  • Students/parents will contact you for a free 15-minute meeting to get to know you better. During this call encourage the student to book their first lesson.

  • Accept the lesson requests sent by students/parents.

  • Create magical and inspiring lessons to enthuse your students and encourage progress.

  • Comment on learnings, student progress and assessment results on Jarvis, the CleverClogs online space.

  • Request payment when you would like to be paid. The money will be sent to your bank account!

CleverClogs will Continue to Innovate

At CleverClogs we know that our growth is intertwined with the success of our tutors. We are keen to help our tutors grow their portfolio of students. The CleverClogs team will be working behind the scenes through marketing and website/JARVIS development to ensure our fully functional platform continues to provide an outstanding service.

Additionally, with our Reward Reaping Referral programme, you will earn back commissions when referring students and tutors. Remember, we earn when you earn, so we want to make sure that CleverClogs is everything you need it to be.