The CleverClogs
Online space

  • Customised Online Whiteboard

    The online whiteboard allows seamless communication between the tutor and student, with the functionality for both parties to simultaneously edit the same document.

  • Personalised Progress Area

    After each lesson, tutors will input objectives, comments on what was covered in the lesson and the follow up topics. There will also be a space for parents and students to reflect and comment.

  • Periodic Assessments

    Regular testing, whether it be a 10-minute multiple choice quiz or an extended essay, will allow students to demonstrate their learning and bring to light misconceptions. This in turn will allow tutors to implement interventions all year round. All progress notes and results can be accessed 24/7.

  • Symbols and Tools

    Mathematical symbols and key tools are available to facilitate core curriculum lessons. No need to search the internet for these essential features.

  • Screen Recording

    The screen recording functionality, along with the ability to PDF notes, allows the lesson to be watched again and again, for a 6-month period.

  • Straight Forward Booking System

    Our time zone sensitive booking system reduces your admin work. You simply set your availability, your rates and respond to the lesson requests. That is all you have to do! We will take care of everything else.

  • Safe and Secure Transactions

    Your payments are safe with us! When you pay for lessons, we will process it through world class payment system, Stripe.

  • CleverClogs Wallet

    Top up your CleverClogs wallet and make payments with the click of a button. No need to input card details for each lesson.

  • Reward Reaping Referral Programme

    Our unique referral programme literally keeps paying you back, for successfully referring students and tutors.