Why choose CleverClogs?

  • # 1

    Handpicked and interviewed tutors, who are the best subject experts

  • # 2

    Free monthly academic & well-being meetings, to motivate and inspire

  • # 3

    Lesson recordings are available 24/7, to aid effective recall and revision

  • # 4

    Comprehensive weekly progress reports and monthly feedback for parents

  • # 5

    Exclusive educational competitions, to keep students engaged throughout the year

How it works

  • Find a Tutor

    and book as many FREE first meetings with our subject experts, to get to know the tutor(s), ahead of starting lessons with them.

  • Schedule Lesson(s)

    using our simple booking system. Request a lesson via the “Find a Tutor” page, make payment for one-off or recurring sessions with ease, and then you are all set for the lesson!

  • Enjoy the Outstanding Learning Experience

    tailored to suit each student’s studying style and preferences. Lessons take place on the wonderfully customised CC Online Whiteboard.

  • Track Progress

    using the CleverClogs Progress Space, the perfect area for tutors to record targets, key learnings and save resources. The lesson recordings can be accessed 24/7!

  • Achieve

    the best possible results, grow in confidence and participate in the innovative CleverClogs global competitions!

World class tutors delivering personalised online lessons

  • Academic excellence

    Each tutor is specifically selected and interviewed. They have all attended the best universities in the world e.g. University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

  • Student success stories

    Tutors have a proven track record of successfully teaching students and coaching them to achieve the best possible results.

  • Access to the CC Whiteboard and handy online tools

    The CC Whiteboard and online classroom have been designed by teachers and are excellent resources for teaching and learning.

  • Students, parents and tutors connected

    Detailed tutor comments in the CC Progress Space and monthly feedback sessions for parents, so that everyone is looped in. All communication, outside of lessons, takes place on the secure CleverClogs Chat Space.

Read our success stories

Mentorship is Essential

  • Free academic consultation

    To identify students’ personal learning needs and expectations.

  • Continuous motivation

    Free one to one monthly mentoring meetings, to encourage and inspire students.

  • Your health is your wealth

    Each student’s CleverClogs Buddy will be on hand for regular wellbeing check-ins.

The Best Lessons

  • Differentiated learning

    One to one guidance through entire syllabuses and/or specific topics. Each lesson caters for the student’s specific studying style.

  • Regular topic testing

    To identify misconceptions and misunderstandings quickly and effectively. Results and transcripts are logged in the CC Progress Space.

  • CC Progress space

    Tutors record students’ objectives, understanding and targets, after each lesson. The lesson recordings from each session will also help pupils, when revisiting their notes.

Why CleverClogs over anyone else?

Regular Classes

  • Progress is not tracked.

  • No mentoring or motivation.

  • Once the lesson finishes, the learning is over.

  • Quality is not always guaranteed, because it depends on which tutors live in your area.

  • Time and energy wasted travelling to and from classes.

  • Teacher usually talks through the lesson and the students predominately listen.

  • Lesson resources are not shared.

  • Assessments are not regular.

  • Not always one-to-one or small group classes.

CleverClogs, the online tutoring company

  • Parents and students have instant 24/7 access to the CC Progress Space. Tutors record observations after every lesson.

  • Free monthly mentoring for each student, to ensure that pupils are motivated and enthused about their learning journey.

  • Lessons are recorded and are accessible 24/7, for revision.

  • Where you live does not affect your access to the best possible tutors. CleverClogs guarantees that each tutor is a subject expert.

  • You can access the world’s best tutors from the comfort of your home.

  • Interactive and enjoyable lessons, focused on school curriculums, with progress at the forefront of each activity.

  • All resources and assessment transcripts are saved in each student’s private CC Progress Space.

  • Monthly assessments are completed to ensure that students understand all topics covered and show clear improvements.

  • One-to-one and small group classes encourage students to ask lots of questions and for confusions to be addressed immediately, hence no pupil is left behind.


Our tutors are the best of the best! We handpick our tutors. Each tutor completes a detailed profile and based on the profile, tutors are invited to an interview. Only 20% of tutors who are interviewed are accepted!
Being a CleverClogs tutor is not just about having 5 different degrees. It is much much more than this! It is important that tutors are able to understand, sympathise and mentor students. Tutors who commit to coaching and motivating their students, have the ability to make sure that their pupils achieve the best possible results. Our tutors truly believe in excellence and have high expectations for each and every student.
We run both one to one and small group classes (max 3 students)! Regardless of the option you choose, the focus will be on each student’s individual subject needs. The difference is that with our small group lessons, we are able to offer reduced rates. One to one/small group tuition means that children get focused attention and can learn at a pace and in a learning style that suits them best. This, in addition to the CleverClogs Mentor Me programme and the CleverClogs Progress Space, allows for improvements to be tracked effectively and key developmental conversations to take place, on a monthly basis. 
All CleverClogs lessons take place on the CleverClogs Online Whiteboard. This is located on the website; hence all lessons and communication can take place effectively on the CleverClogs platform itself. Students have access to a trial whiteboard, which can be used to practice on, ahead of the lessons starting. 
The CleverClogs online whiteboard truly is a unique and valuable tool that allows for video, audio and messaging, hence allowing for effective communication to take place during the lesson. The interactive whiteboard offers simultaneous writing and editing which means that online lessons mirror in person lessons! Each lesson is also recorded which means that students can rewatch their lessons at any time! Additionally, there are a multitude of other handy tools present on the whiteboard too, such as:
  • Mathematical tools
  • Calculator
  • Access to Youtube for videos
  • Upload and download
  • Graphing tools
  • Screen sharing
  • and MUCH MUCH MORE! 
All students are using technology, so let us make sure it is being used to make useful academic progress.
There can be as many lessons as needed, per week! Students can choose to book one off lessons, a lesson once a week, or multiple lessons a week. 
We offer a whole range of subjects, catering to many different curriculums. These curriculums include British, Malaysian, Singaporean, IB and others. 
  • English Language 
  • English Literature
  • English
  • English as a Second Language
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science
  • French
  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • History 
  • Malay
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
Can’t find your curriculum or your subject? Send us a message on the chatbot (located in the bottom left-hand corner of this page) and we will find an expert for you!
Simple! Click on “Find a Tutor” and browse through our catalogue of experts. Check out their profiles! We guarantee that each and every one of our tutors is a true specialist in their subject, so it is just a case of seeing which tutors particularly stand out to you.
Not sure what you are looking for? Don’t worry! Message us using the chatbot (located in the bottom left-hand corner of the page) and we will connect you with your perfect tutor!

The bond between student and tutor is very important to us and this is why we offer all students a free 15-minute meeting with our tutors. The meeting can be used to share learning preferences, understanding, teaching and share expectations, to name a few things. After the meeting, students and parents can decide whether they would like to book the tutor (we are sure you will!) or you might want to have a few more free meetings with other tutors before making a decision. You can book a free meeting on the “Find a Tutor” page, there is an option next to every tutor.


If you have any questions at all, you can always contact the CleverClogs team using the chatbot (located in the bottom left-hand corner of the page).

At CleverClogs we are committed to affordable lessons for all students. Tutors offer a variety of different rates and are committed to excellence. Please click on “Find a Tutor” and have a browse to find the tutor that suits you/your child best.

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